Monday, February 2, 2015

Reasons Not to Let the Rain Stop You in Seattle

Joke as much as you want about the ever-dreary Seattle, but honestly, it isn't that bad! In fact, compared to places on the Washington coast and even Astoria, Seattle is relatively dry. The bad rap comes from skies that always seem gray. Still, if you're a fraidy cat who doesn't like our liquid sunshine, take heart! There are plenty of reasons that the rain shouldn't hold you back when you're in the Emerald City.

The Rain Is Friendlier than the People

You've heard of the "Seattle freeze?" Well, I don't think people here are really that cold, but that's beside the point. The point is that the rain isn't the sort of rain that leaves you running and crying for your mommy. The rain is usually gentle. It's almost refreshing--and everything looks absolutely gorgeous the first day after the rain goes away because the air is so clear.

Bella Umbrella

No, "Bella Umbrella" isn't some sort of weird incantation. It's an umbrella shop at Pike Place Market that has umbrellas for every taste. There are aerodynamic umbrellas (yes, that's a thing), wind-resistant umbrellas, umbrellas that you'd have to get a small personal loan to afford, cool vintage umbrellas that you can rent for any occasion, and eye-catching Pagoda umbrellas. Some of these stunning water-warders even come with a lifetime warranty.

A lot of Pacific Northwesterners choose to tough it out without an umbrella, but if you really feel the need for an umbrella when you're in Seattle, Bella Umbrella is where it's at.

Avoid the Crowds

Seattle's most fascinating places draw people from all over the place--except when it rains. Going when the weather is a degree short of ideal will give you a little extra shoulder room when you're exploring downtown and the Seattle Center attractions.


Coffee, I think, is one of the best things in the universe. I don't drink it much anymore because I like it too much, but what better excuse is there to take in a warm caffeinated beverage than that you got soaked out in the rain? There are about a gazillion coffee shops in Seattle, so there is always a place nearby where you can go inside, dry off, and listen to hipsters argue while you savor some java goodness.

Indoor Attractions

This is kind of a "duh" reason, but if you really don't want to ruin your hairstyle by venturing into the downpour, stay indoors! There is tons of cool stuff you can door without taking an outdoor shower in Seattle. Check out the Seattle Public Library, take the Underground Tour, stop by the Seattle Art Museum, or rock out at Experience Music Project.

Rain is kind of a Seattle trademark, and it shouldn't repel anyone from enjoying the charms of the city.

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